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Rebecca turns her sorrow into treasured gold...
downcast eyes
Sunday (September 11) was a bit of a strange day. It was Grandma's birthday, and a bunch of us headed over to her new house for as much of a birthday party as you can have at 82. She took the day off from cooking since it was her birthday, but there was a pineapple cake and two yellow cakes, one with chocolate and vanilla frosting and one with a coconut topping (which was actually pretty yummy).

After that, I biked downtown for the 9-11 memorial ceremony. Our city's local 9-11 memorial was designed by a woman from my temple, and several members of the congregation were there. The ceremony was actually very lovely. The weather was cool and perfect - just like it was on September 11, 2001, a Tuesday - and it was held on the lakefront. I could hear the wind blowing in the palm trees and the water lapping against the pier the entire time. It made for the most peaceful background music.

A lot of service people were there. The flag in the background is hanging from the extended ladders of two fire trucks.

This man held this flag up through the entire ceremony (almost two hours). You know that had to get heavy.

Police officers raising the flag to half-mast. Towards the end of the ceremony, a woman sang a solo of "The Star-Spangled Banner" (not a very good cover, but it's not a very good song to begin with). But "Amazing Grace" played on bagpipes was something to hear.

This is our local 9-11 memorial, with beams from the World Trade Center. Two people from my community died in the attacks, and the mother of one of them gave a very beautiful speech that I may or may not have cried at. Mostly may.

The sidewalk leading to the memorial was bordered by these tiny American flags.

Two people (one of them a police officer) praying at the memorial. I know it's at a weird angle, but I didn't want to be obvious taking a picture of people while they're trying to pray. It made me feel like an evil paparazzi.

The stained-glass border around the memorial is called the "Ribbon of Souls." There is one piece of stained glass for every person who was killed on Sept. 11 - blue for the Pentagon, green for the field in Pennsylvania, and black/brown/orange/red/yellow for the World Trade Center.

The sunset over the lake.

I woke up at seven this morning and just could not go back to bed! Too worried over stupid stuff again. Blegh.

P.S. 500th LJ entry! How sad that this milestone comes at a time when LJ has apparently stopped caring about its users. I honestly suspect that they're making things this difficult on purpose, and sitting back and laughing evilly at all the frustration they're causing us.

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