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Rebecca can't keep her eyes open and still doesn't have a bed!
trembling hand
600th LJ entry and 1st entry from our new apartment! On our second to last night in Smallpartment, Sara and I watched Big Trouble in Little China on the couch, while I ate pickles and oreos and she recited the entire movie from memory. :)

I was really impressed with how much Sara and I managed to move by ourselves. We only had to get help from male relatives to move one of the beds and the couch (we are the proud embarrassed owners of the heaviest couch in town). Things kept banging against my legs as we were moving them, and now I have so many bruises that I almost can't put my hand down between them! But at least the weather was cool. Moving during the heat of summer is the worst.

Moving was hard work -- and we still have a lot of unpacking to do -- but I think it will be worth it. Our new apartment is so much nicer and bigger than Smallpartment. And of course, it's on the second floor, too. Minus the few months that I spent in France, I haven't lived on the ground floor since the blessed day I moved out of Mom's house. Our new neighborhood is not quite as nice, but our old neighborhood was really too nice to be duplicated. I haven't been bike-riding around here yet. For the last few days, it's felt like every second when I wasn't working, I was either eating, sleeping, packing, or carrying boxes up and down the stairs. Ugh!



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