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Rebecca was buried alive under 50 pounds of potatoes!
dozing off
Yes, that's what greeted me when I arrived at the temple early Friday afternoon to help with the latke fry. 50 pounds of potatoes! I never got an exact poundage on the onions, but there were a lot of them, too. The temple kitchen was something of a frenzy with so many people peeling, chopping, mixing, frying, and flipping. It was literally a hot mess, and it was roasting! There were several frying pans and griddles on, so 5-6 people could fry all latkes at once. We cranked up the A/C and threw open all the doors and windows to try to cool the place, but it wasn't very cold outside. I was cooking latkes for something like two hours! I had to wear my Praise Cheeses! shirt to sweat over the stove in and change into a nicer top later. (Last year's Hanukkah latke dinner is here.)

Even for Hanukkah, there was a BIG turnout, but fortunately, we had enough latkes and brisket for everyone. I ate all I could hold. I really love latkes. One day I want to trying making them outside of temple. I mentioned to my mom wanting to make some latkes at her house during Hanukkah (she has a griddle, food processor, and bigger kitchen) but she didn't seem to like that idea. Oh, well.

This was a very stressful weekend. I'm glad it's almost over. And...

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aunt connie here, My kitchen is getting remodeled during the Christmas Holidays AAAUUUGGGHHH!!! So I am leaving town! HaHa Going to see Athena in LR and bringing Eva and Juliana with me. Uncle John has to work anyway. Caught up on your news. Glad you are staying busy and enyoing Hannakh. Give your family our love. Hope we can get together and visit next week sometime. Love, aunt connie

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