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Three weeks until Rebecca can hear real music on the radio again!
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It has been such a soggy blue weekend here. Friday night was the annual company dinner, and I am so glad that we only do it once a year, because I so did not want to go. I had to psyche myself up before I went; I told myself to think of it as more work, as something that I had to do to get my holiday bonus. But it was still so rough. I ate being "on," especially in LOUD, unfamiliar environments. Boss Man told us to come hungry at 7, but we didn't order entrees until almost 9. It was a "Cajun" resteraunt, and being Cajun myself, I was suspicious of what passes for Cajun food in this state. I had sausage and okra gumbo, which wasn't half bad, even though it didn't come with boiled eggs or potato salad like I like.

The one coworker that I really hate (Mr. "I Never Pull Up My Pants Before I Bend Over") was sitting right next to me, and I spent all night trying to not turn my head in his direction. He and A------ were pretty obnoxious. The live music was loud, inescapable, and not very good. Several people at our table screamed every time they ordered drinks, or whenever anything else happened. And did I mention it was four hours long? Four. Hours. I ducked out into the parking lot halfway through and had to fight the urge to get in my car and drive back home to my nice quiet apartment. (The food was still nowhere in sight at that point.) Four. Hours. I'm not even sure if it was worth the holiday bonus.

The weather was cold and wet all day on Saturday, which was so frustrating for me and the cats after five workdays of sunny, mild weather (!!*@#$%*!), but it did make for a good excuse to sleep in, stay inside, and recover. Sara was at it again with loud movies, but my two birthday presents for her just arrived in the mail, and I've been enjoying rereading them myself before I give them to her. I got her one thing that she asked for and one thing that's a surprise. I have a feeling she's going to freak when I give them to her! Today wasn't quite as cold or wet, so I bundled up and went out to the dog park. (I've been thinking about being in the Holiday Parade with the shelter next weekend. It was actually supposed to happen yesterday, but it was rained out and rescheduled.) Enzo has just been moved into the free-range cat room, where I think he'll do a lot better!

Sara has gotten into the habit of baking since she started watching The Great British Bake-Off, and I approve! Today she made a lemon meringue pie from scratch, and it is so good. I've been off lemon meringue pie since I threw one up in front of a liquor store in New York City in 2005, but this one was such a good combination of tart and sweet that even I ate a little. She used the homegrown lemons we got from Aunt Connie when we saw her at Thanksgiving!


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