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And then Rebecca's phone exploded!
dropped jaw
I haven't posted in a while because I've been kinda busy. Lately I feel like my phone has been exploding with calls and texts, mostly from the Jews, and mostly asking me for favors. Can I help Sassy Jewish Grandfather #1 practice his lines for his latest play? Can I bring/make something for the dinner after services this Friday? Can I baby-sit again? Can I spend the night at the hospital with a sick lady from my congregation? Holy Moses! I'm tempted to smash my phone if it goes off one more time, and considering how many problems it's been giving me lately, that wouldn't be a huge loss. I need a new one, but I'd rather gouge my eyes out than sign another contract with AT&T.

Like a fool, I said yes to more of those questions than I should have, which is why I spent last night on a reclining chair in the hospital. First of all, I hate hospitals. They're very uncomfortable places for me; they make me think of Dad and Grandma and shots. Secondly, the lady I was staying with was very elderly, confused, and uncomfortable, so it was a pretty stressful night for both of us, and I wasn't able to get a lot of sleep before I had to go to work this morning. Ugh! I also bumped into my mom, which was weird. I was half-awake and had a conversation with her around 3am that I don't really remember now.

I honestly don't understand why they asked me to stay with this lady. (Actually, I do; it was because Sassy Jewish Grandparents #1 volunteered me for it. I'll take care of them later.) I barely even know her, and I'm not the most patient person. I guess it's the same question that got me roped in teaching Hebrew school -- "If not the least qualified person for the job, then who?" Oh, well, I know I shouldn't complain. It's over for me now, but the sick lady is still stuck in the hospital and could be for some time.

I missed seeing yesterday's new NCIS live since I was at the hospital, but I watched it online tonight. What a packed episode!

Notes on episode 10x11 Shabbat Shalom
Featuring Jackie Vance, last seen in The Good Son, and Eli David, last heard in Extreme Prejudice

Writer: Christopher J. Waild (Lost at Sea)

+ I really enjoyed the opening scene. I lol'ed at the dad falling backwards into the bushes, and at the teenage son's “Cool, a dead body” reaction. I also liked how he told his son that he was there for him – it was a good, subtle, fitting touch for this episode.

+ I loved the opening bullpen scene of the Three Musketeers going through old props from undercover ops – although it doesn't really make sense that some of those things would still be in storage. I lol'ed at Tony in the wig and fake soul-patch, and I loved the glimpses of earlier, sexier Ziva. It was nice to see that she could still get a reaction like that out of the guys.

+ I loved Ducky quoting Vincent Van Gogh at the crime scene, especially his perfect accent when he spoke French! I can't say it enough – God loves Ducky!

+ Did you notice the somber, pensive look on Tony's face when he pulled that Hawaiian shirt out of the box? Did that shirt look familiar? It was the one he was wearing when Director Shepherd died way back in Judgement Day. I thought that detail was a really nice little touch. (Although again, what was that doing in storage?)

+/- Oh my gosh, how cute was that photo of Ziva wearing the fake pregnancy belly? Tony's reaction was too Tiva for me, though.

+ “Buttock?” - “Butt-ock.” Haha, so weird, and yet so funny!

+ “You made a joke.” I loved Ducky's reaction there!

- Why was Tony handling Grismer with such kid-gloves in interrogation? Didn't it seem weird to you?

- Uh oh, Dorneget broke Gibbs's Rule #1! “Never leave suspects alone together” -- although, to be fair, Gibbs broke it himself back in Ships in the Night. How cheesey was that “I am Spartacus” moment?

+ The matching white collars on Gibbs and Kelso's shirts.

+ NB: “Don't you remember the last time you were here?” The exchange Eli and Ziva were quoting was back in Enemies Domestic.

- Eli trying to guilt-trip Ziva – ugh, what a jerk! Having grown up with one, I can't stand parents who try to guilt their kids like this.

- I know a lot of viewers like her, but I've never been a fan of Jackie Vance. That scene of her and Vance in his office just annoyed me. And they're Garfield fans? What the hell?

+ Gibbs and Ziva in the elevator – okay, I admit it, I damn near teared up, especially when Ziva told Gibbs that she didn't want to hide anything from him. It was the perfect example of how much those two really trust and care about each other. I might have to write a tag to this.

+ I loved Vance and Gibbs agreeing to take Eli down together, even though I'm pretty sure they wouldn't actually have the authority to do that.

+ I loved the scene of Gibbs and Vance greeting Eli and Ziva outside the hotel, especially how Gibbs defended Ziva to Eli, and Eli replied that he expected Ziva to be loyal to Gibbs before her father. Damn straight!

- So Eli wasn't in DC strictly to see Ziva (like he told her) but to meet up with Vance and Kazmi. He lied to her again. Asshole.

- Ugh, that scene in the hotel room. The olive-picking story was so cheesey, and the favor Eli was asking of Vance really made no sense at all. How exactly is the director of NCIS supposed to help the director of Mossad stay in power?

- I'm sorry, I know I'm not giving the woman a fair chance, but Jackie Vance is just insufferable to me. Also, Vance asks her if the wine is kosher, and from that question, she guesses that Eli David (who hasn't been in DC in +2 years) is coming to dinner? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, writers.

- So while he was supposedly in DC just to see his daughter, Eli also killed Wilkes and concealed the murder from Ziva? The scene where she recognized him as Wilkes's killer reminded me a lot of the scene where she recognized Ray's phone number in A Desperate Man; in both episodes, she finally felt she could trust Eli/Ray, then found out he had just committed a murder and lied to her about it. The similarities were so strong that I suspect the writers did it on purpose.

- And when Ziva confronts Eli about murdering Wilkes, he tells her crap like “The truth has many faces” and tries to guilt-trip her again. While it's very sad for Ziva, I kinda expected it. This team overwhelmingly gets let down by the people they love.

+ And Vance's house got shot up! I didn't see that one coming. Even in all the wreckage, the Shabbat candles were still burning -- maybe that's a sign of hope.

- The last five minutes or so of this episode kinda killed it for me. It started with Ziva's way over-the-top reaction to seeing Eli's dead body, continued with Gibbs standing outside the emergency room doors for two hours (the hell? even for Gibbs, that crazy behavior), and the guys saying that Eli's murder could start a war (a war? Really?).

+ Heh, when Vance walked out of the emergency room and told Gibbs that his wife was dead, I said, “When my wife and daughter died, I didn't run around cryin' and actin' sad! I just dust my shoulders off and keep on movin'!” Yeah, I wasn't sorry to see Jackie go.

+ NB: Shabbat Shalom was the first new NCIS episode of 2013.

I'm going to cry tears of joy over getting to sleep in my own bed tonight.


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