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You can Rebecca when it's over if the switch was worth the pain.
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Man, this work week has been rough. We finally went live with our new software system, VeraCore. We've been getting ready for this since freakin' October, and been talking about it for even longer, and I was kinda starting to think that we would just put it off forever and never actually go live with it.

This week was a rude wakeup call.

I used our old software system (OnPoint) constantly - practically all day, every day. I could not have been more knowledgeable or experienced with it. Now, I'm having to restart completely and relearn from scratch. It basically feels like a have a whole new job, because almost everything has changed.

It is so frustrating, because I never wanted to switch over to this new system. I was happy with the old one. It's too similar to that God-awful move of 2015, me getting dragged along kicking and screaming into something that I never wanted to do. I keep wanting to yell, I didn't want to switch to this, and I didn't vote for Trump! How fitting that we should start using this system almost in time with Trump's inauguration. I may or may not have accidentally blurted out to A--- that I had as much hopes for this system as I did for Trump being a good president. On top of that, all week the WiFi network at work kept kicking me off for some reason, so I couldn't use my phone at lunch. I think I finally got it fixed, but I wanted to bang my freakin' head against the wall for a while.

We were having some nice mild weather, but on Groundhog Day, the temperatures dropped back to wintertime weather, disappointing me and the cats. February is shaping up to be a long, bleak month, with lots of overtime. I will likely be drinking lots of wine and eating lots of chocolate-strawberry Oreos. I missed the animal shelter last weekend to go protesting, but I'm really looking forward to being back there tomorrow.


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